Friday, September 25, 2009


Am currently addicted to Shakey's.

Today I've ordered a 2-pieces chicken meal.

The gravy is ok, but the chicken is very yummy. Just right crispiness, moderately big portions.

Too bad it's located outside Eastwood City, so I hardly go there. But when my craving for their chicken is too strong for me to ignore, I summon the energy to walk from the Excelsior to the overpass, and way past Acropolis, just to get there. I figure it's a 15-20 minute walk.

The price isn't that bad either.... I think it's just around 120PHP. Not bad at all.

While there, I also order the Chicken & Corn soup - which is a really nice blend of shredded ham, chicken, and Picnic (TM) shoe-string potatoes on top. Mmmhmm...really yummy.

Now, when am really starving, I order an extra Mojos n' Dip for my appetizer. Caesar dip, of course :)

Today, I think they have a new variety of the Mojos and they call it Mexican style. I didn't try it yet, but it seemed interesting. The friendly waitress informed me that it has more spices and more "stuff" in it than the original flavoured Mojos. I guess I'll try it on my next visit.

Aside from these delicious offerings, they have thin-crust pizzas. Unlike my hubby, I don't enjoy thick-crusted, too oily pizzas. That's why Shakey's is one of my favorite places to eat. I love the Manager's Choice, the Shakey's Special and the Pepperoni Crunch.

Everything that I like is here. I just hope they either move in Eastwood city or set-up a new branch in the Eastwood Mall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mushrooms on my Ceiling

*Sigh* My ceiling has been leaking since July. Hubby and I haven't had the time to ask someone to come over and fix it.

So, typical of people who have this kind of problem, we just aligned an empty pail we don't use anymore on the area that has the leak, so that it won't spill on / flood the floor.

I didn't know that we've been procrastinating on it too long until I saw the 3-tiered mushroom growing invertedly on our ceiling!!

It was soo funny. Me and my hubby were laughing hysterically last night. The stalks were really white. The umbrella-like top (what do you call it anyway?) was a light brown. And besides the fact that it was growing on our ceiling, it really looked yummy, hahahah.

My hubby wanted to "harvest" it. But I told him it could be from a poisonous variety.

Anyways, come this morning, I wanted to look at it again before I go to work, but found that it dried out. The stalk was a mild brown and the umbrella-top is now a shriveled leaf.

Too bad, I hope another tier grows again. Ooops, scratch that, I don't want more fungus growing in my house.....hopefully these mushrooms find its way in my garden. Then I guess I wouldn't mind as much.

Nevertheless, I wish to offer this space in my blog to thank these mushrooms for giving me and hubby a humorous night, last night.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Addicted to eBooks

Just found a link to e-library. Am so addicted to eBooks nowadays. Lots of good books available online for free. The link below takes you to e-Library, you can download lots of self-help, business and other great books of various categories in that website. I even got 1,000 eBooks for free just by linking.

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Rain and Foxes

Am usually a fan of the rainy season.

The rain, the grey clouds,and the strong winds somehow give me more energy to survive the day. The balmy elements of a cloudy sky giving me more inspiration to work, and work more.

I always want to look outside my office window and gaze at the wonderful rain showering the metro. To see the strong winds, making the decorative trees bow. I want to go outside and enjoy the day, the wind whipping my hair all over my face.

Today's different though. i wonder what changed. I still appreciate the essence and beauty of a rainy day. But here I am locked at work, seemingly depleted of energy. Why can't I absorb the energy with which the rain usually bestows upon me.

Am soo tired. I feel tired. I want to laze around the whole day and do nothing. "Low Bat" a typical slang by us Filipinos to describe a person who is lacking energy and enthusiasm, lethargic / spiritless. This is exactly the best way to describe me right now.........

Ugh, I wanna go home, and enjoy this wonderful weather in the comfort of my own house. Sigh, am in no mood to work.

It's 3:40pm and am counting the hours to 5:30 or 6pm. Hope I can go home by then.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I guess it's about time to blog about my favorite restaurant of all time...Italianni's

Gosh, how I've missed the wonderful Angel-Haired pasta in tomato sauce, mmmmm...the ever-tasty caesar salad with chicken, yummmy!!

Working here in Libis, I am always taunted by the sight of the Italianni's restaurant from my window across the street.
So near, yet so far..... I mean how do you get to cross the border to One Luna building anyway?

Good news for me though, is that they have moved to Eastwood Mall. Yey!! Can't believe how lucky I am. Now am just walking distance away from my favorite cream of spinach or whatever soup of the day they have. :)

My tasty piccolo sized calamari, (salivating now, aaargh) is just minutes away from me.

Not to mention the panacotta... so rich and satisfying after a great meal.

What's more is that the ambiance of the restaurant itself is worth coming back for more. Nice, courteous staff, cozy, homy feel of the place, what more can anyone ask for? It's just the right environment for a really big meal to share with family and friends

Some people complain about the price of the food, but I say it's worth it. You get big portions and every morsel of food that goes in your mouth has assured quality.

For the budget-conscious, they also have this promo this month which offers a big platter of viand (steak or fish of your choice) with pasta and dessert. It wouldn't cost more than 500php, and it already comes with drinks.

Hope they also open up a buffet, similar to that of their Megamall branch.

Really love this place...oh, well look at the time.....time for lunch :) Guess where am gonna eat? :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chili Peppers @ Eastwood Libis

Located at the 3rd floor of CyberOne Building, Eastwood, Libis.....the newly opened Chili Peppers had its "dry run" today .... and believe me, if that was the dry run they surely succeeded in making the dining experience a NEGATIVE way.

I thought these kinds of openings should make the diners feel impressed and more likely to come back to their diner. Unfortunately, I don't think they've thought of that... The minute I looked at the menu, then gave my order, I felt like a trapped animal who wanted to run for the hills :) Instantly I wish to turn back and go eat somewhere else.

The cashier was friendly, but she was the only highlight in the place.

The food is sooo overpriced. I mean they didn't even try to compete with Tenderoast (hmm, need to do a separate write-up for this). I was soo surprised at how overpriced the steaks are. They were about 250-300php each, unlike in Tenderoast which were either 99php - 200php only. Plus, the one thing that really made me want to retract my order is that they don't have drinks!!. They only have filtered water. I don't really like drinking water in ready-to-serve-pitchers because you don't really know how potable it is. I mean most people I know get sick or get bowel problems after drinking water in some dining establishments ..and I am really cautious about that so it won't happent to me. I swear, I really thought of just forgetting the order and walking out, but the lady behind the counter seemed really nice and I thought to myself that maybe, the food quality might just redeem itself from the inadequacies of the place.

I mean have you ever heard of a diner or a restaurant that doesn't serve drinks? Weird, they were forcing water on people, haha.

So I ordered my Chubster Chicken and soup of the day. I was given a semi-dusty plastic cup. Which I only found out that it was dusty when I was pouring water in it. Because there are fingerprints outside the cup...oh well I managed to get over that. Really.

I was given a number for my order so I waited patiently for it. While waiting , I went to the utensils area to get my fork and spoon. I was surprised at how irresponsible and unclean the container for the utensils is. They don't even have a heater nor have they diluted the forks and spoon in warm / hot water to kill the germs. It was just in a plastic bin...the sort of container used when the crew are cleaning the dishes / forks/spoons. I was aghast. I really wanted to go already but I couldn't because of my order. I was sincerely mortified by how low the management's standards are when it comes to the overall maintenance of their plastic cups and utensils.

After that, when my order was ready to be delivered to my table, the nice register lady, called for the busboy to claim the dish at the counter and deliver to me. He was currently inspecting the counter where the water and utensils were.....and he ignored the girl!!! I mean I had to claim my own food at the counter because the busboy did not want to deliver it to my table...the customer's table!!!. Amongst the other negative things I was thinking of the place already, I added how untrained their staff is. I mean, I didn't know if it was just me or if he did that to the other customers. But I swear I was on my best behavior, I was cool, calm and wasn't even complaining at all. I just kept my thoughts to myself.

I was affronted, but I continued on.....I was determined to get through the meal... I looked at the Chubster chicken, and it was an acceptable size. Taste is good, somewhat garlicky but nice. Oh yeah, it was served with semi-cold and lumpy gravy. As a matter of fact, the food wasn't hot at all. The soup was also lumpy but the right temperature. Not that delicious. Soup of the day was cream of chicken..but it didn't taste anything like cream of chicken. The taste was just similar to those quick and easy knorr powdered soups that you stir for like 15 mins (nothing wrong with that, but you have to cook it properly so that it wont be lumpy...but apparently the Chili Pepper's chef didnt know that).

To be fair, the place is only on it's test / dry run. However, I think they should have worked on impressing the diners during this stage rather than giving them a negative impression of their starting diner.

Overall, I wouldn't really want to go back to the place. I'd rather go to Tenderoast for my cheap steaks. Or to Italiannis,if I wanted to splurge.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where to Buy a Mailbox??!!

I've been on a quest to purchase a real live mailbox here in the Philippines for 2 weeks now.

I still can't believe that decent mailboxes can only be found online or in the States. I mean c'mon?, don't we have stores here in Manila that sells these things?

Am so frustrated with the hunt. I tried checking in Y!A where I can buy one, all I got is a cheesy response that I can't buy any mailbox here.

Have we underestimated the necessity of having one? Or do manufacturers think that only the rich would need such a "luxury" that they all hopped over abroad and sells their mailboxes there?

The only mailboxes I've seen here in the Phils are those that are built in with those old rusty (or quick-to -rust) kind of gates.

No sense of fashion there. No variety either....Oh well , worse comes to worse, I might indeed buy mine online. So disappointing that we don't have any here in our country.